Saturday, August 31, 2013

Forgotten Blog

So I admit it, I totally forgot about this blog.  Or got busy, or distracted, or whatever.  When I decided to start it, we had just moved to Colorado from Texas.  We moved at the beginning of one of the worst winters on record, and moved in the middle of a blizzard.  We also somehow ended up living in a rural area surrounded by nothing by farmland and frozen dirt roads.  This was a huge change for me, being from a bustling metroplex like Dallas where anything I wanted was at my fingertips.  I had nothing to do, knew no one, was nearly an hour from a Target, and felt like we had moved to a frozen wasteland that looked very, very different from the adventurous life I had imagined moving to Colorado for.

And then, one day something changed.  My husband got a job in Boulder, which was an hour away.  Boulder looked more like what I had wanted-full of life and eccentricity and natural beauty.  But we were still stuck in the middle of nowhere in the house we were renting (for a two year lease-ugh!).  A month or so after my husband started working, though, we got a notice on our door from the bank that the landlord was foreclosing on the house and that we had to move.  Bad news?  Not so much.

We somehow, by an amazing stroke of luck, ended up in one of the best neighborhoods near Boulder, in a town that is often on the top lists of best places to live.  And you know what?  It TOTALLY is!  Life since moving to the Boulder area has been amazing.  We've made great friends, the kids are in the best school we could have hoped for, the scenery is beautiful-it's everything we wanted.  I can't get enough of life here.
Anyway, a move, a new baby, and three almost four years later, I started thinking about this blog again.  Last night I found the Baking with Julia book in some boxes that had yet to be unpacked and couldn't help but wonder why I had abandoned my little project when life got crazy.  Winter is coming soon, and it seems like a good time to pick it back up.  Pumpkin bread for fall?  Yes please!

This weekend I am hoping to bake a Raspberry-Fig Crostata, because I saw pints and pints of fresh figs at Whole Foods the other day and felt a compulsion to buy them.  I've never bought fresh figs before and it somehow seems like an indulgence.  I'm excited to see how it turns out!

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